vendredi 26 décembre 2008

Kitten didn't make it through Christmas day. I don't know really what to think yet but thanks for the sweet comments. Trying to get my life in order (and decide if i'm going to do this blog thing for real for reals or just not) and now with kitten gone everything is just shit. I go home for two weeks on the 28th which I think will be a good thing. Thats pretty much all. Merry christmas.

jeudi 18 décembre 2008

um ugh sorry to be so horrible about the postage - internet woes etc....however i'm really going through a bad time here because i took kitten to the vet because she seemed to be having some digestive troubles and they thought she'd eaten some paper or something. All seemed well and i was so psyched to have my kitten restored to health and happiness when they called me this morning and told me that she has actually an intestinal tumor. I"ve googled this shit and it seems operatable but french doctors are sorta shitty (sorry) and i'm worried they won't try to save her....example? doctor was suppose to call me at 6 pm (18:00) and tell me whats up. It is now 9:30 (21:30...I do this cuz im annoying) and no call. Boyfriend thinks all will be well but considering the doctor said "it's not good news" I can't help but be inclined to the not so good news side......
shes only 7 months could this happen. Seeing as I'm not in school and other work occasionally (aka when I'm not too fat) she has become like my child. I spend 4 hours researching the best diet for her and then bought and ENTIRE rabbit to cut up for her. That shit, in case you don't know, takes about 20395209385 hours. no joke. anyway, i'm terrified. She's staying in the hospital at least until tomorrow.
I. am. a. sad. mofo.