mardi 13 janvier 2009


Alright. Back in Paris, but good god visiting the homeland (even if I did have to be in montana) was good. I've got a photoshoot on thursday which has got me more hopped up with anxiety than when my great aunt pearl first heard "milkshake" (bee tee duble yew Aunt = "aw-nt" or "ant"? I'm an ant person)

Opinions? I got some.

Like this?
Ummm...This would be great if she were 45+ and aging gracefully..Theres a picture of her in a Donna Karen jumpsuit that would illustrate my point much better but I can't seem to find it now...but still.

Also, I downloaded this "mysplice III" due to this female and have been listening to some of the tracks non stop. Obv you should too.

Finally found some A wang in paris so I'll be trekking over there tomorrow. The twice yearly soldes are going on now which greatly increases the chances that I'll be buying things when I go shopping. France has the most fucked up system where stores can't put shit on sale except twice a year. Which means that the only teeny brightside to this recession (crazy sales)doesn't happen here. Except maybe now. I went to the soldes last year and was highly unimpressed though.

vlada roslyakova. newest fave. this is from "ice baby" in dec numero. more.

OH. almost forgot.

don't know what to say. about. the city. i find myself hating on it even more than the hills but i can't stop watching. i've actually found myself scoffing. aloud. alone. all the time.

and COME ON. i have never seen a more fake person in my life. as in "jay" has to be an actor. possibly an unpaid one at that seeing as he seems like he would offer to do this shit for free. i mean seriously? the hair? constantly asserting his downtown-ness (why is mtv pushing this upper vs lower east side thing)? "austrailian" who likes to talk about the fact that he's austrailian all the fucking time? SINGER??? no no. this guy has read too many plum sykes novels and blended in some justin bobby.

"whitney? can i sing for you tonight?"

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T-Bonz a dit…

So you know I don't watch The City, but according to my sister, "Jay" IS an actor of sorts. He had come to a casting call they had done during The Hills, and he and Whitney did indeed hit it off, but they didn't have a place for him until now. So she has actually known him for a while.

Can we begin to call this genre reality-parody?