mercredi 21 janvier 2009

Ok as much as i don't want to over hype what michelle wears since shes obviously a very accomplished lady and deserves more than people constantly analysing her clothes,

from the bottom of my heart,

thank you for not wearing oscar.

(edit : theres nothing wrong with oscar, but does every first lady have to wear him? also way to help out talented designers who otherwise wouldn't have gotten this kind of exposure)

6 commentaires:

July Stars a dit…

What's wrong with Oscar? Why is everyone on such a negative Oscar trip?

♥ fashion chalet a dit…

I liked her dress. Thanks for your comment <3


Sunniva a dit…

I love this dress so much. She wears it so well xo

Kristin a dit…


I love that you eat bitches for breakfast ;)

yiqin; a dit…

My mum cried so badly when they danced :)

Pretentious b a dit…

true dat!
give other designers a chance!
great blog by the way