mardi 11 novembre 2008

Crazy busy

  • Bullets because my brain says so
  • Um. Yes, please. If I were a talented person I would attempt this as a dyi.

  • So the Marc by marc store just opened here in Paris and it has been fucking bananas over there. Reportedly the parisiens can't get enough of the Marc love. I've been meaning to go over there and it might actually happen now that I live closer to the store. I have this deep inexplicable hate for the metro. I mean I end up taking it sometimes but I like to avoid it. Psyched for marcs cheap goods even though some of the stuff I got last year there has already broken but whatever. c'est pas grave y'all.

  • OH. But most importantly, I got a new apartment. I've been looking for 3 months because france is ridiculous and infuriating. But yeah it's pretttyyyy sick (um, sorry I've been talking too much to an ex boyfriend apparently) around saint germain. So thats good, have to unpack so much though and spruce up the place a little. Tragically this means I have to be without Kitten for a few days which is not ok and I don't know how she's going to sleep alone. Kitten has a tattoo. No joke. It's inside her ear.

  • So this blogging things kinda weird right? I mean I like it and all but you realize how bizarre it is when you try to explain to someone else that you read about other people everyday and then (if you're me) make rambling boring posts about your life.
  • Got a package from topshop yesterday which was awesome, purchases include this boyfriend blazer which I'm now seeing everyone and their mother has
  • and those leather skinny pantswhich I had to get a size too large and which everyone also has. Couldn't find good photo documentation of those but chu know what I'm talking 'bout.

  • Basically thats all I got right now, sooo busy with the moving that there is definetly no value in doing an outfit post.

  • Ps. I'm in a horrible position where I have to choose between seeing Uffie + Santogold OR Simian mobile disco. Any advice or soothing words would be appreciated.

4 commentaires:

josephine a dit…

congrats on starting a blog :) love those studded ballet flats, you should give it a go - studding things isn't too difficult :)

geri a dit…

such a good diy!!

Emily a dit…

I am in love with those ballet flats! I never thought to stud MY old dance shoes...

SOS! a dit…

hehe I have that blazer, and it goes with pretty much everything, doesn't it?