mardi 18 novembre 2008

lawdy lawdy

OHH I wish someone had just been here with me for the last 20 minutes as I tried and failed hard to take a picture of what I was wearing today. It took about 13 snapshots of dark, grainy, flash-bleached-face/crackhoe pictures before I realized my apartment is insufficiently lit for night and that I'll have to record my fascinating outfit tomorrow. Needless to say, I wisely deleted all evidence. Shit gets around these days.

Whats truly, deeply, really unfair? Guess who strolled on into my boyfriends restaurant the other day?
This bad bitch. And daughter Lou. What the fuck?? Boyfriend, obviously, did not appreciate this as much as I would have.
Me: "so how did she look?"
Boyfriend: " know, like a poor girl" (Thank you les francais)
Boyfriend: "She was wearing like a jean from monoprix and a simple t-shirt"
[I should make play writing my career]

Lara stone from November i-D (

I recently started really loving Lara Stone. First off she's not like 12. I don't have issues with 12 year olds but it makes me feel old to see preteens modeling in Vogue. Next they're going to start chucking fetuses down the catwalk (am I the only one who watches AbFab?). Also I like dutch models. They seem like a peace loving tulip holding clan of fun. And I can say that because I lived in holland as a small child.

Not much of note (ahem besides Ms. "I'm best known as a bag") lately. Had an unfortunate Sunday night where it seemed wise to be bicycling while drinking. I distinctly remember not being able to steer straight and a few falls which could have been deadly had there been cars. I also distinctly remember something about a pole and a lot of old italien men. OH shame.

Finally, since my internet is so shitty (I'm praying it won't delete this post) I haven't been able to keep up with Gossip girl and ANTM. This needs to be remedied immeadiately. It's been too long since I've heard lil J say something angsty.

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Emily a dit…

I agree about 12 year olds being in Vogue. Or any fashion magazine for that matter. Now, it might have been because I was reading TEEN vogue a few minutes ago, but it made me feel rather old... *sigh*

Anonyme a dit…

i love lara